Planning & Zoning

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Subdivision Ordinance Update for Review

Review Process will be from March 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023

Department Description

The Planning Division administers the ordinances covering annexation, subdivision, zoning, and associated land-use activities for the City of Alamogordo and its extraterritorial jurisdiction as they relate to current and long-range planning.

Planning and Zoning (P&Z) is responsible for overseeing the City’s long-range planning efforts to include: the comprehensive plan, economic development plan, resource conservation and water plan, transportation plan, the city infrastructure, and green space development plan.  P&Z is also responsible for reviewing all building permit paperwork for zoning compliance and approval prior to review and issuance of building permits by the State’s Construction Industries Division.  Lastly, P&Z staff facilitates all the Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, as well as assisting the P&Z Commissioners with administrative and research needs as their City staff liaison.

Mission Statement

To guide our citizens in determining a desired lifestyle and quality of life via informed management of the use of land. To perform this function with honesty, integrity, equity, and courtesy.


 Planning and Zoning fees  Contact the Planning and Zoning Department for further information at 575-439-4220 X4204