Monte Vista Cemetery

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Department Description

The Monte Vista Cemetery is a full-service operation that includes all aspects of casket and cremation remains internment, funeral service preparation, and monument installation, as well as all associated grounds maintenance tasks required to keep the appearance of the property acceptable to the public. Efforts are coordinated with the local funeral homes and the day-to-day operations that are primarily handled by the Cemetery Sexton, with daily supervision by the Parks Supervisor and Parks Foreman. 

Cemetery staff is available to assist families in location grave sites of loved ones; to open and close the graves during funeral services; to set up for services; and to provide disinterment upon request. Staff also performs general turf maintenance, work on the irrigation systems, set headstones, and maintain record of funerals. 

Mission Statement

The function of the cemetery is to provide a beautiful resting place for deceased persons and a comfortable atmosphere for their loved ones.

Non-Perpetual Care & Perpetual Care Areas

Monte Vista Cemetery is separated into two separate areas.  The historic original old sections in the center of the property are classified as the Non-Perpetual Care area.  This area has not had available graves for purchase by the public for many decades and no irrigation was ever installed on it as it pre-dated modern sprinkler systems when the grave plots were surveyed and set up.  Plot maintenance in this old section is and always has been the primary responsibility of the individual families which own the graves.  The newer sections of the cemetery are classified as the Perpetual Care Areas of the property.  It was originally set up with automatic irrigation infrastructure and when these sections became available to the public for purchase, the city built in maintenance costs into their pricing and resourced staff and facilities to take care of these irrigated sections.  The City is currently only resourced at a minimum level to accommodate maintenance of the Perpetual Care sections of the cemetery, again with the operational priorities reflecting that the Non-Perpetual Care sections are the owner's responsibility. 

Monte Vista Staff and the City Parks Maintenance Staff, as resources and workload allow; do provide some maintenance and clean up of the Non-Perpetual Care sections of the cemetery, but it is only intermittent.  These divisions are not resourced for this purpose and maintenance is only performed when resources allow.

Paid services performed for the public at Monte Vista Cemetery in FY20:


  • Casket type - 84
  • County Site casket - 0
  • Cremation type - 45
  • Infant type - 0

Headstone Installation:

  • Single Headstones - 30
  • Double Headstones - 6
  • Flat VA stones - 7
  • Survey for monuments - 4
  • Vases - 4
  • Foot Stones - 3