Community Service Job Sites

The following is a list of accepted locations for Alamogordo Municipal Court defendants to complete community service hours. Before any hours have been completed, the defendant must sign up for community service with the Municipal Court Clerks at the customer service window.

Community service sign up times are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m.

Location Contact Person Phone
Airport Chris Ford/Jim Talbert 575-439-4110
Boles Acres Fire Department John Badger 575-430-6755
Cemetery Richard Havlish 575-439-4350
Central Receiving COA Art Balderrama 575-439-4242
Civic Center
Joshua Sides 575-439-4253
Cloudcroft Senior Center
Marrianne White 575-682-3022
Connie Garcia 575-434-3622
Fleet Maintenance Robert Williams/Karla Jorgensen 575-439-4243
Golf Course Mac Blevins 575-439-4122
Habitat for Humanity
Kuia Taiaroa 575-437-6562
Housing Authority Evelyn Huff 575-439-4313
Bonnie Meagher 575-439-4140
Recreation Center
Kimberly Camp-Soistman 575-439-4142
Senior Center Janitorial/Kitchen Roseanne Garcia 575-439-4153
Vivian Lueras 575-585-2901
Twice Blest
Connie Rogers 575-437-0944