Water Production Division

Water PlantWater Sources

The City’s water comes from several sources, depending on seasonal and situational demands and the amount each can produce. The primary source comes from a system of spring compounds, infiltration galleries and stream diversions in the Fresnal and La Luz Canyon systems.

Water Storage

The water collected from these areas is piped to the City’s 188 million gallon raw storage and treatment facility in La Luz. The water is then filtered and disinfected then gravity flows to the system and supplies Zones 2, 3, 4 and 5 and is pumped into Zone 1 via the Lower Heights Booster Pump Station.

Water Treatment

On the southern end of the City, a similar treatment facility receives water piped from the Alamo Canyon System. This facility is not provided with raw water storage, so all Fresnal Middle Fork Ditch Diversion
water collected is immediately filtered and disinfected then gravity flows to a 2,200,000 gallon ground storage tank (Lower Alamo). Water from this tank gravity flows to the system and supplies Zones 3, 4 and 5. Click here to see the map of the water zones.


The City also operates ten wells. These wells are operated as necessary to supplement other sources. Operation of the wells generally occurs from about April first through about mid-September.

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