Pool Sessions

Session Information and Policies

Fees & Passes

  • Please note session fees are charged for each separate session; they do not cover the entire day. 
  • Drop-in participation will be accepted if a session has not been filled through pre-registration.
  • Passes are only good for the specific exercise session type purchased - there is a separate lap swim/aqua walk session pass from the pool fitness/fitness pass.
  • Patrons are responsible for monitoring their passes and purchasing according to their anticipated needs for the season.
  • Pool Passes expire at the end of the season; refunds are not provided for unused visits.
  • Pool Fitness/Fitness Passes expire one year from the date of purchase. 
  • View our Pool Fees & Passes page for daily use fees & pool pass options. 

Food & Drink

  • Only allowed in the designated patio area.
  • No glass containers are allowed anywhere. 

Online Registration (Lap Swim, Aqua Walk & Pool Fitness Sessions only)

Pool Age Categories & Restrictions

  • Must be 12 years or older with a completed MINOR Waiver form (PDF) on file to attend pool sessions without an adult where allowed.
    • Ages 12 to 17 may attend public and family swim sessions without an adult - if they have a completed Minor Waiver form on file (effective May 15, 2023).
    • Ages 16 to 17 may attend lap swim, aqua walk, or pool fitness class without an adult - if they have a completed Minor Waiver form on file (effective May 15, 2023).
  • View our Facility Age Restrictions & Rules page for more information. 


  • Check back frequently for schedule changes throughout the season, as sessions will expand/contract based on staff availability throughout the season. 
  • Online schedules may not be accurate if sessions are canceled due to unforeseen maintenance, weather, or staffing issues. 
  • There are NO aqua walk or group fitness sessions held on recognized holidays during the pool season (i.e., Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day); check the Aqua Fitness session schedule for possible lap swim sessions. 
  • View our Monthly Pool Session Schedule page for the days and times of the various sessions. 

Swim Wear

  • Males - swim trunks, board shorts, and swim shirts allowed (do not wear thong swimsuits, basketball/athletic shorts, denim cut-offs, or cotton shirts).
  • Females - one-piece or modest two-piece swimsuits, swim shorts, and swim shirts allowed (do not wear G-string or thong bikinis, basketball/athletic shorts, denim cut-offs, or cotton shirts).
  •  Infants & Toddlers - must wear swim diapers or rubber pants while in the pool. (do not wear regular diapers or underwear in the pool as accidents will require a pool shutdown) .

Water Toys

  • Only small water toys are allowed (diving rings, beach balls, etc.).
  • No large flotation devices, water guns or water blasters allowed (pool inner tubes, rafts, etc.).
  • Any throwing toys must be light, soft, and made for pool use (no footballs, tennis balls, nerf, foam, etc.) as they pose safety and sanitation concerns. Acceptable throwing toys must be used responsibly by patrons - do not throw over or into other patrons.