Land Use

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide reasonable and enforceable building and land use codes and ordinances that promote orderly development of our community; to enforce such ordinances in an equitable, professional and timely manner; to promote public awareness and understanding of the code of ordinances, and to continually maintain and update existing ordinances in order to maintain the health, safety and well being of the citizens of Alamogordo; to accomplish the provisions of this mission statement in a manner that provides for optimum benefit to the citizens with the least possible intrusion into their lives.

Vision Statement

The Building / Land Use Approvals Division must strive as a team to achieve a more streamlined, efficient and defined system in which day to day processes will meet or exceed the public's expectations. We must maximize the utilization of all resources to improve employee qualifications through training and certification. We believe that through increased efficiency, employee qualifications, and a progressive, honest and courteous approach, we will reflect the absolute professionalism through service to the public, thus improve the public's perception of the Division and our state-wide reputation as a leader in the field of building / land use approvals.

Land Use Forms

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