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LED traffic signal replacement program

Thank you to the NM Department of Transportation for funding this project!

In May 2009, the Facility Maintenance Division of Public Works completed a project to replace ALL of our traffic signals with LED lights. These signals previously used incandescent (traditional) light bulbs. The lights were purchased with a grant through the State Department of Transportation. The City was one of the first New Mexico communities to receive this State assistance, and the first to clomplete the installation, because our Facility Maintenance Division employees were skilled to do the work in house rather than contracting it out. This saved money and time. These LED lights contain multiple tiny diodes, and they are much less expensive to operate and much brighter and more visible. So far, billing has revealed about a $2000 monthly savings. Total annual savings are expected to increase slightly and yield a savings between $26,000 to $30,000. There are 22 traffic signals and 17 school zones signals which are now using LEDS. The City is also looking into the possibility of converting the overhead street lights, which currently use high pressure sodium lights which are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, into LEDs which will save even more electricity and costs. Within City facilities we use almost exclusively fluorescent lights. Facility Maintenance has been and continues to replace ballasts for fluorescent light fixtures as needed with new electronic ballasts which are more energy efficient. When any incandescents burn out, they are replaced by compact fluorescent light-bulbs (CFLs). You know these are the ones that look like soft serve ice cream cones and save lots of electricity per year. These also run cooler so they can affect a savings on cooling costs.