If I get bit by an animal what should I do?

Medical Attention

If you feel the bite is serious, seek medical attention immediately. Whether you go to a doctor’s office or the hospital emergency room, they will contact Animal Control to report the bite and an Animal Control Officer will be dispatched immediately.


If you do not seek medical attention you may call Animal Control and an officer will be dispatched. The officer will locate the animal and verify whether it has a current rabies vaccination. If the animal does not have current vaccinations it will be impounded and quarantined for 10 days. You will be informed if anything out of the ordinary is observed during the quarantine period. You will also be contacted by an officer approximately 10 days after the bite during a follow up to ensure that you are recovering satisfactorily.

More Information

For more information or if you are bit by an animal, call Animal Control at 575-439-4330.

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