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  1. Alamogordo Airport Aircraft Owners

    Every three years the FAA requires each airport to report the number of based aircraft at each airport. "Based" means where the... More…

City Clerk

  1. Application to serve on a Board/Committee

    Form to apply to be a member of a City Board or Committee.

  2. Home Occupation Application
  3. Special Events Permit
  1. Graffiti Waiver 2018

    Authorization for the removal of graffiti markings

  2. Request for a Block Party/Street Closure
  3. Special Noise Permit/Notification

    This Special Permit is pursuant to Section 11-05-270(4) of the Alamogordo Code of Ordinances


  1. Community Feedback Form

    Note: Please do NOT use this form to report any emergency situation. If you have a question or suggestion, or you are looking for... More…

  2. Pop-Up City Hall Survey - Community Services
  3. Pop-Up City Hall Survey - Water
  1. Compliment a City of Alamogordo employee

    If you would like to share a positive experience you had with a City of Alamogordo employee, or simply share kudos to a department,... More…

  2. Pop-Up City Hall Survey - Public Safety

Fire Department

  1. Fire Extinguisher Classes

    The Alamogordo Fire Department offers free Fire Extinguisher Training classes and are available to any business and civic group in the... More…

  1. Fire Safety Education Classes

    The Alamogordo Fire Department offers free Fire Safety Education Classes. These classes are available to any commercial, public,... More…


  1. Intranet Page Suggestions

    Please use this form to share your ideas for making the Staff Intranet pages as helpful as possible to employees.

Keep Alamogordo Beautiful

  1. Adopt-a-Spot Beautification Request Form
  2. Event/Project Report

    Report form that is filled out for all Keep Alamogordo Beautiful funded and unfunded projects.

  3. Litter Eradication Supplies Form
  4. Project Request Form

    Request form for a youth or civic based group to provide labor services for funded and unfunded Keep Alamogordo Beautiful projects and... More…

  5. Request for Litter-Free Event Services

    Request for waste management services or litter kits for events held on public space.

  1. Adopt-a-Spot Program

    Request form to adopt a park or other public space for periodic cleanup and reporting of damage, graffiti, etc. Group / organization... More…

  2. Graffiti Removal

    Request and permission to remove graffiti from any public or private space.

  3. My Yard Project Nominee

    This form is meant to be filled in to provide information of a person who's yard deserves to be nominated for My Yard project.

  4. Request for Litter-Free Event Funding

    Request for funding to offset material and labor expenses for waste management services for events held on public space. Funding... More…


  1. Adult Book Log Summer Reading 2020

    Once you have registered for the Summer Reading Program, use this form to submit your progress. Log up to five books per form. Read 10... More…

  2. Interlibrary Loan Request

    Request books be borrowed from another library on your behalf. Patrons must have an Alamogordo Public Library card in good standing.... More…

  3. Multi-Purpose Room Application

    The Multi-Purpose Room of the Alamogordo Public Library is primarily intended for educational programs and workshops, for Library group... More…

  1. Adult SRP Registration 2020

    Adult Summer Reading Program Registration

  2. Kids' SRP Registration 2020

    Summer Reading Program Registration

  3. Picture Book Kit Request

    Fill out this form and request ten picture books in a preferred category.

Municipal Court

  1. Monthly Report for Court Ordered Supervision

    A monthly report is one of the conditions of your DWI / drug supervision. This monthly report is to be submitted to the court by the... More…


  1. Zoo Docent Application

    Zoo Docent Application and Waiver of Liability