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AFRC Youth Participant Registration Form

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  2. Alamogordo Family Recreation Center
    Please complete prior to attending AFRC youth program.
  3. (As of first meeting date)
  4. Gender*
  5. (After School Frenzy only)
  6. (Primary Contact)
  7. (Only used for program communication)
  8. (Phone number where you can be reached most easily)
  9. (Secondary contact, if available)
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  11. (Phone number where you can be reached most easily)
  12. Liability Release*
    I hereby request permission from the City of Alamogordo for my child to be allowed to participate in the City-sponsored Youth Activities/Programs. I understand and agree that the program may involve a certain amount of physical danger and strenuous activity. I affirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the participant and am authorized to grant the release contained in this agreement. I agree to indemnify, release and hold harmless the City of Alamogordo, its officials, employees, and agents from any and all damage and harm from all action, damages, claims or demands of any kind in which participant, his or her heirs, executors and assignors may have as a result of being permitted to participate in this City-sponsored activity.
  13. Consent to Sign Electronically
    The parties agree that this agreement may be signed electronically. The parties agree that the electronic signatures appearing on this agreement are the same as handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, enforceability and admissibility.
  14. Opt-out Clause
    You may withdraw your consent to receive/provide electronic documents, notices, or disclosures at any time. In order to withdraw consent, you must notify the AFRC that you wish to withdraw consent and request that your future documents, notices and disclosures be provided in paper format.
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