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Plea of No Contest

STATE OF NEW MEXICO                                                               COUNTY OF OTERO
                                                                                                      CITY OF ALAMOGORDO

                                             IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT

CITY OF ALAMOGORDO,                                                    Case No. ______________



                                                  PLEA OF NO CONTEST

The Defendant in the above-styled cause hereby enters and appearance in the above-styled cause and enters
a Plea of No Contest on the following understandings, terms and conditions:


1. that he has a right to trial and gives up this right;

2. that he has a right to be represented by an attorney and gives up that right;

3. that he has a right to present evidence in his own behalf and have the City compel witnesses of his choosing to appear and testify and gives up this right;

4. that he gives up the right for an appeal.

The Defendant understands that a plea of NO CONTEST has the same effect as a plea of guilty in this Court.



Defendant Signature_______________________________      Date________________