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Training and Recruiting



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Training and Recruiting

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Training and Recruiting 

The Alamogordo Police Department is regarded as one of the most progressive, well trained, and professional departments in the State of New Mexico.

 Minimum Requirements


Must be 21 years of age at time of employment.


High School Diploma or GED equivalent.


Must be a US citizen.


Must be in excellent health with no conditions which would restrict ability to effectively perform the duties of a Public Safety Officer.


20/30 normal depth perception. Satisfactory color vision required.


Must have no felony convictions, history of criminal activity, improper conduct, or a poor driving record which affect suitability for law enforcement work. No DWI convictions in the past five years and not more than one in your lifetime.  A valid NM driver’s license with a good driving record is required within 30 days of hire.


Applications for employment may be obtained during regular business hours at the City Personnel Office, located at 1376 East 9th Street, Alamogordo, New Mexico.
Applicants must submit a current driving record with their application. Individuals passing a preliminary background and license check will be notified on time and location of testing site.

Applicants must pass each phase of the testing process in order to proceed to the next phase.

Physical Testing
Each applicant must complete a physical test, graded pass or fail.
Aerobic Power
1.5 Mile Run

15:54 (Minutes:seconds)

Anaerobic Power
300 Meter Run

71.0 Seconds

1. The applicant should refrain from smoking, chewing tobacco, caffeinated drinks, energy aides, or eating for two hours preceding the test.

2. Allow adequate time prior to the test for stretching and proper warm-up exercises.

3. During the administration of the test, the applicants will be informed of their lap times.  If several applicants run at once, their individual times at the finish line will be called out.

4. An important consideration at the end of the runs is the “cool down” period.  The applicants should be cautioned about not sitting or standing stationary after the run to prevent venous pooling. 

5. The applicant should remember to properly stretch before and after each exercise to prevent any injuries.


Muscular Endurance

1 minute maximum number of sit-ups

 27 repetitions

 1. The applicant starts by lying down on their back, knees bent, heels flat on the floor, fingers interlaced and placed behind the head.

 2. Partner holds feet firmly.

 3. In the up position, the applicant should touch the elbows to knees and then return until the shoulder blades touch the floor.  Any resting should be done in the up position.  No rocking hips.  If fingers become unlaced, adjustment must be made in the up position.


Upper Body Strength

1 minute maximum number of push-ups

 15 Repetitions


     1. The hands are placed about shoulder width apart.  The administrator or partner places a fist on the floor below the applicant’s chest at the midpoint of the sternum. (Unless a male is testing a female)
2. Starting from the up position (elbows fully extended), the applicant must keep the back straight at all times (no swayback or elevated hips) and lower their body to the floor until the chest touches the administrators fist.  Applicant then returns to the up position.  Any resting should be done in the up position.

Modified push-ups are no longer optional for female applicants.  All applicants are required to perform standard push-ups as described in 1 and 2 above



Each applicant must obtain a passing score on a written examination.
Study guides may be purchased at the Human Resources offices located inside City Hall.
A panel consisting of city employees and APD personnel will interview each applicant.
An extensive background investigation will be conducted on each applicant.
Each applicant must undergo a psychological evaluation.


Each applicant must pass a polygraph test 
Each applicant must undergo a complete physical evaluation and drug-screening test.

 Salary and Benefits


$16.20-$17.40 per hour, after certification, depending upon length of service.


$3,600 sign-on bonus for New Mexico certified officers

Add Pays:               

College Degree bonus, Bilingual Pay, Field Training Officer Pay, Physical Fitness pay & more.


10 to 20 days per year depending upon length of service.

Sick leave:

10 days per year.

Health insurance:

Both single and family plans are available, with the city contributing a large percentage of the premium.

Retirement plan:

Officers are eligible for retirement after 25 years of service. City pays 75% of employees' contributions.

Depending on previous Law Enforcement training and experience, applicants will be scheduled to attend the Law Enforcement Academy in Santa Fe, for a period of up to 16 weeks.

At the academy, recruits will study law enforcement and investigative techniques, as well as participating in a strenuous physical conditioning program.

Upon successful completion of the academy, Police Officers will then be assigned to a Field Training Officer for a minimum of three months.

Specialty assignments and career opportunities include:


* Criminal Investigations

* Field Training Officer

* School Resource Officer

* Station Officer


For more information regarding current recruiting status, contact:

City of Alamogordo - Personnel Office
1376 East 9th Street
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
Phone: (575) 439-4399
Fax: (575) 439-4367
e-mail:  khughes@ci.alamogordo.nm.uslinks to external site