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Grant Coordinator

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Ruben Segura

Grant Coordinator




Department Description:
The Grant Coordinator administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, monitors other grant funds for the City, and assists with applications for potential funding. The City has defined goals and priorities in a long-range plan known as our ICIP: Infrastructure Capital Improvements Plan.  The City uses this document to prioritize projects and to determine how best to seek funding assistance. The City hosts several public meetings throughout the year to gather public input as part of this process.

Mission Statement:
It is the goal of the Grant Coordinator to assist with securing funding for City projects, and to administer appropriated public funds in full compliance with all conditions required by the funding source and City of Alamogordo policies and procedures.

By clicking on the CDBG link below you can view the current and past CDBG project information. The Grant Coordinator is also the City's Communications Manager, please visit that page by clicking on the link below.