Frequent Asked Question for Animal Control



Q:        What time does Animal Control open?


A:        Animal Control is open to the public Monday thru Saturday from 12:00pm until 5:00 pm.



Q:        What should I do if I have an animal complaint and Animal Control is closed?


A:        We have Animal Control Officers on duty from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm seven days a week, and one officer that is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. If you have a complaint all you have to do is call 439-4330 and someone will assist you.



Q:        Where is Animal Control Located?


A:        Animal Control is located at 2910 N. Florida at the intersection of Florida and Fairgrounds Rd.



Q:        If I live outside the city limits and have an animal complaint, will you send someone out to assist me?


A:        Unfortunately we are not allowed to handle call outside of our jurisdiction, so you must call the Otero County Sheriffs Office at 437-2210.



Q:        Does animal Control accept donations?


A:        Yes. Animal Control accepts and deeply appreciates all donations. We accept pet food, animal treats, cat litter, pet toys, blankets, newspapers, aluminum cans, and monetary donations. With monetary donations please be specific what you would like it to be used for, for example: food, vet care, equipment, adoption assistance, etc.



Q:        I found a stray animal and Animal Control is closed. What should I do with the animal?


A:        You have a few options. If you feel comfortable with the animal you can keep it and contact Animal Control the following day, or you can take the animal to Animal Control and place it in one of the drop off cages on the North side of the building. If you are unable to keep the animal or transport it to Animal Control you can call the police departments’ non emergency number, 439-4300, and they will dispatch the on call Animal Control Officer to your location for pickup.



Q:        I have seen skunks in my neighborhood. Can Animal Control remove the skunks?


A:        Yes. Contact Animal Control and they can lend you a live trap along with instructions on how to set and bait the trap. Once a skunk is caught just call and an Officer will be sent to retrieve the skunk.



Q:        I have a problem with stray cats in my neighborhood. Will Animal Control help me resolve this problem?


A:        Yes. Contact Animal Control and they will lend you a live trap along with instructions on how to set and bait the trap. Once a cat is trapped just call and an Officer will be sent to retrieve the cat.



Q:        We can no longer care for our family pet. What options are available to us?


A:        If you have to get rid of your pet for any reason, there are many options available. You can advertise in the local newspaper or on the radio. Most newspapers and radio stations offer free advertisements for pet giveaway. Local supermarkets have bulletin boards and allow pet owners to place flyers on these. Animal Control also has two bulletin boards. One is located inside the building and the other is located outside on the Southern wall. If none of these resources work or if you must give your pet away immediately, you can do an owner impound at Animal Control for a $20.00 fee. If you do an owner impound please bring any shot records, vet records, and tags for your pet. These can greatly increase the chance of adoption for you pet.



Q:        My pet got out of my yard and was picked up by Animal Control. What do I need to do to recover my pet?


A:        Your first step would be to go to Animal Control and identify your pet. After this is done, you will need proof of current rabies vaccination and city license. If our pet is not current on these you will have to purchase these from Animal Control. If your pet has not been spayed or neutered, you will also have to pay for this procedure to be done, unless your pet is registered by a recognized organization such as the AKC, UKC, etc.



Q:        My pet lost its collar along with its tags. Can I get replacement tags?


A:        You can purchase a replacement city license from Animal Control for $1.00. Replacement rabies tags will have to purchase from your veterinarian.



Q:        I was just told that my pet needs a city license. Is this true and if so why?


A:        There is a city ordinance that requires all dogs and cats that reside in the city limits to be licensed. The city license aides Animal Control officers in ensuring that dogs and cats receive there rabies vaccination (rabies vaccination is required to purchase a license). The city license is also a valuable tool used by Animal Control to locate owners of stray pets.



Q:        My friend told me that my cat had to be on a leash whenever I let it go outside. Is this true?


A:        Yes, this is true. Cats must follow the same ordinances as dogs. The must be kept on a leash when not indoors or in an enclosed fence.



Q:        I just noticed a large swarm of bees by my house. Does Animal Control do anything about bees?


A:        If the bees are on private property, the property owner should call a pest control company. If they are on public property Animal Control will come out and do an assessment of the location of the bees and whether they pose a danger to the public. Once this is done Animal Control will contact the proper authorities to remove the bees if necessary.



Q:        Pigeons keep coming into my yard and eating my pet’s food. They are becoming a nuisance, can you help?


A:        Contact a local pest control agency for assistance in removal of the pigeons.



Q:        I have been having a problem with bats around my home. Does Animal Control handle bats?


A:        If the bats are on the outside of your home, doorway, eaves etc. we can attempt capture of these bats. If they are located inside your residence you will have to contact a local pest control agency.



Q:        There is a large rattlesnake in my yard. Will you send someone to remove it?



A:        Yes. Animal Control Officers will respond to any snake calls. They will capture and relocate the snake to an unpopulated area and release back to the wild.


Q:        My pet passed away last night. What should I do with the remains?


A:        You can contact one of the local veterinarian clinics to see if they offer disposal services, or you can contact Animal Control. Animal control will pick up your deceased pet for a $5.00 charge or you can bring it directly to Animal Control free of charge. If you bring it to Animal Control please call in advance.



Q:        Our neighbor’s dog barks constantly. Is there any way to resolve this problem?


A:        Contact Animal Control and an Officer will be dispatched to the home where the dog resides. The Officer will attempt to make contact with the owner to resolve the problem. If the residents are not home a door tag will be left requesting them to contact the Officer. If the dog is barking after hours you may contact the Alamogordo Police Department at 439-4330 and they will send an officer to make contact with the residents.



Q:        My neighbor’s dog is chained up in the backyard. I never see him feed his dog and I am constantly giving the dog water. What should I do?


A:        Contact Animal Control and they will send an Officer to do a welfare check on the dog. The Officer will check to see if the dog is in distress and requires immediate vet care. He will also check for the presence of food, water, and adequate shelter. The Officer will make contact with the owner of the dog and check for current rabies vaccination and city license. The Officer will then determine what steps are necessary to ensure the health and welfare of the dog.



Q:        If I get bit by an animal what should I do?


A:        If you feel the bite is serious seek medical attention immediately. Whether you go to a doctor’s office or the hospital emergency room, they will contact Animal Control to report the bite and an Animal Control Officer will be dispatched immediately. If you do not seek medical attention you may call Animal Control and an Officer will be dispatched. The Officer will locate the animal and verify whether it has a current rabies vaccination. If the animal does not have current vaccinations it will be impounded and quarantined for 10 days. You will be informed if anything out of the ordinary is observed during the quarantine period. You will also be contacted by an Officer approximately 10 days after the bite during a follow up to ensure that you are recovering satisfactorily. 

Q:        Does Animal Control have a volunteer program? If so, how do I volunteer and what would my duties be?


A:        Animal Control welcomes and appreciates volunteers. To volunteer just pick up an application at Animal Control, fill it out, and we will contact you when your application has been approved. Volunteers are used primarily to socialize the animals. This helps prepare them for adoption and also gives them the attention that is important for any prospective pet. Volunteers can also walk dogs and assist with adoptions. Volunteers can choose the hours they work between 8:00am and 5:00pm, 7 days a week. Any time spent volunteering is greatly appreciated.