Plaza Hacienda


Plaza Hacienda is a development of 150 Low Rent homes, with sizes ranging from effiency to 4 bedroom.  All homes come complete with stove, refrigerator and smoke detectors.  Plaza Hacienda is located off of First Street and is close to schools and Wal-Mart.  The local bus services, Z-Trans, has a stop in the development and the Senior Center van makes routine pick ups.  Both Washington Park and the Alamogordo Public Library are within walking distance.  Plaza Hacienda has units for all individuals, including the elderly and disabled.

ADA Compliant Sidewalks have been completed throughout the Complex, with assistance from a Community Development Block Grant.
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 The Housing Authority's main office is located in Plaza Hacienda.

Avenida Amigos

Avenida Amigos is one of the main streets in Plaza Hacienda.  It is a through street running from 1st Street to 4th Street. 


Encantado is another main street in Plaza Hacienda.  It connects Avenida Amigos with 4th street. 


Abuelito is a cul-de-sac that is located off of Avenida Amigos.  There is very little traffic on it and most of our senior residents are housed here.


Several extra parking opportunities are available throughout the development.

Plaza Unit

All Plaza Hacienda homes have brick facing and several windows, all with double panes and egress.

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