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New Mexico Recycles Month

    November has become recognized as "New Mexico Recycling Month". In honor of this event, Keep Alamogordo Beautiful reaches out to inform and involve the entire community with a variety of recycling focused programs.
    We will be visiting the 3rd grade classes at all participating elementary schools for a fun and educational presentation where the kids are informed through interactive means of the importance of recycling. They are also given examples of how they can reduce, reuse and recycle litter today, planting seeds that will grow in them for their tomorrow. 

Recycling presentation at schools
    Another recycling based program is the "Warm Clothes Drive", which involves the entire community gathering their lightly worn winter clothes to be donated to C.O.P.E. and House of Prayers. This is an overall beneficial program, where you get rid of clutter in your closet and it keeps a less fortunate person or family warm through out the winter holidays.

Clothes donated in the winter of 2008

    A new and fun event involving children of all ages is the Recycling Art contest, which encourages all the children and teenagers of Alamogordo to make a piece of art work from 70-75% recyclable material. There will be gifts to honor their hard work distributed to the winners of the contest, and it is a great way to educate and inspire our youth.Children at the Rec. Center winning for thier unique recycled art pieces.
    There may be other events coming, so keep an eye out for them- If you want to participate or have any questions or ideas to share, please call us at 439-4250.