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Sgt. Willie Estrada Memorial Civic Center

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                           52' x 117' (6,084 sq. ft.)                    
                               seated with chairs 650                        
       seated with tables 550
         standing only        1200

Conference Rooms (3)

   (828, 450, 504 sq. ft.)
       seated with chairs 25 - 80
       seated with tables 20 - 50


 15' x 23' (345 sq. ft.) equipped with
   work table, double convection oven,
4 compartment mobile food warmer,
refrigerator, freezer, coffee pots,
stoves and sinks.

Audio and Visual Equipment, Marquee, Adjustable Height Stage.

Private Functions such as wedding receptions, family and class reunions, birthdays, etc.

For-Profit/Fundraiser such as antique, fashion shows, and banquets, regardless of non-profit status.

Non-Profit for any tax-exempt organizations.

Liquor services available.

For more information and fees, please call 575-439-4159