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Park Reservations

Parks Foothills

Park Rental Fees                                                                        Usage Fee

 Alameda Park
Gazebo                                                                    $44.50
        Pavilion                                                                    $27.50

Desert Foothills Pavilion                                                      $27.50
Garden Center Gazebo                                                        $44.50
Washington Park
Amphiteater                                                              $27.50
        Pavilion                                                                    $27.50
        Skate Park                                                                $38.00

Rental of Entire Park(s)
for Non-Profit Events                                                                 Usage Fee

Alameda Park                                                                    $35.50
Roundtree Park                                                                  $35.50
Washington Park                                                                $35.50

Electricity                                                                                     Set Up Fee

Set Up                                                                              $19.25
Electricity per hour                                                              $10.75
for all parks and ballfields

                                                       General Information

Specific picnic areas can be reserved at all parks on a user fee basis. To guarantee park reservations, all reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance of the date of the event.

Those who wish to use the park are not required to pay a user fee.  However, should a private party reserve that particular area, those who have not paid the park user fee will have to relocate.

The following require permits:

        Use of jumping balloons, dunk tanks, tents, etc...must be 
        used in authorized areas only.
        Private picnics, reunions, weddings, special events, etc...

The following are prohibited in ALL City of Alamogordo Parks UNLESS otherwise noted:

        Glass Containers
        Overnight parking and camping
        Alcoholic beverages
        Horses or horseback riding
        Trucks or motor vehicles on turf or other unauthorized area(s)

City ball fields are available for rental.  To reserve or to inquire about a specific area, please call 439-4142.