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Alameda Park Zoo

Name: Position: Phone Number: Email:
Bud Wiser Superintendent 575.439.4290 bwiser@ci.alamogordo.nm.us
Kathy Chase Support Assistant & Gift Shop Manager 575.439.4290

We are the oldest zoo in the southwest United States, and the smallest zoo to be Association of Zoo & Aquarium (AZA) Accredited, a prestigious distinction which indicates that the zoo has achieved rigorous standards for animal care, education, wildlife conservation and science. AZA website

Alameda Park Zoo Mission Statement
The Alameda Park Zoo provides an aesthetically pleasing naturalistic environment, which promotes education in the environmental fields of study, conservation of local and global environments, recreation, and biological research.  The intended concept is to instill through audio, visual, and tactical means, a unity of non-human and human relationships.  Through professional cooperation and tactics, the Alameda Park Zoo will provide the public with high standards of environmental education.  This educational procedure takes place in an atmosphere that promotes environmental recreation as well as education.

   otters swimming bobcat Swan