October 9, 2002 Minutes



OCTOBER 9, 2002


Ms. Ginna L. Sanders, Chairman.

Mr. Preciliano J. Martín, Co-Second Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Jack M. Glahn, Co-Second Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Mark S. Urey, Ex-Officio Member.


Ms. Paula J. Dardin, First Vice-Chairman.


Ms. Sharon L. Few, City Planner.

Mr. William S. Kirschner, City Attorney.

Mr. Michael Potter, Recording Secretary.


Mr. Andrew "JR" Gomolak.

1. CALL TO ORDER. Chairman Sanders called the Special Meeting of October 9, 2002, to order at approximately 1:30 p.m. Chairman Sanders noted that was one (1) item to be considered. A recommendation to the City Commission is to be made by the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval or denial of the request. The City Commission will consider this request at its meeting of October 28, 2002, to a render final decision.

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA. Commissioner Martin made a motion "TO APPROVE THE AGENDA, AS WRITTEN". Seconded by Commissioner Glahn. All voted "AYE", passing the motion by a vote of 3-0-0.

3. MINUTES OF OCTOBER 2ND, 2002, REGULAR MEETING. Chairman Sanders noted that in section 5.B. (Reports., Chairman.) of the Minutes, , the word "individuals" in line 3 should be changed to "applicants." Commissioner Martin made a motion "TO APPROVE THE MINUTES, AS CORRECTED". Seconded by Commissioner Glahn. All voted "AYE", approving the motion by a vote of 3-0-0.


CASE M-02-0301(A). PETITIONER: City of Alamogordo, applicant. REQUEST: Approval of a resolution adopting Comprehensive Plan 2000 for the City of Alamogordo.

Ms. Few briefed the Commissioners on the resolution. She stated that Comprehensive Plan 2000 was the culmination of three (3) years of work. She then asked for questions.

Mr. Andrew Gomolak, an associate of Commissioner Urey, came forward to present copies of a document he had prepared as a result of being asked to review the Comprehensive Plan 2000 by Commissioner Urey. A copy of the review document will be attached to the copies of the Comprehensive Plan 2000 forwarded to the City Commissioners. Mr. Gomolak stated that an important change would be the inclusion of his paragraph near the top of page 3 of his review which begins "This figure excludes water provided to HAFB, …" Mr. Gomolak proposed that his paragraph should be inserted on page 29 of the Plan below the third paragraph of Water and Sewer Service. Mr. Gomolak said that on page 31 in the second paragraph of Historic Preservation the statement about "… public funds cannot be expended on activities that would adversely affect (historic properties)" was not true, that you can expend funds but you "just have to plan for it and design the mitigation or minimization."

Commissioner Martin asked about the use of inserts to add and/or correct the main document.

Chairman Sanders pointed out that there are many things that have changed in the City since the project to develop and publish the Plan was started.

Mr. Gomolak then stated that there was one paragraph that "had to be fixed because it’s just plain dumb." It’s the footnote on the bottom of page 8 of the Plan wherein Holloman is excluded from the "slightly larger study area around the city ..." and in the next sentence "Holloman is included in the study area, however." Commissioner Martin said that he could see "the discrepancy" but didn’t know about getting it corrected.

At this point, Commissioner Martin asked to look at the changes proposed for the Water and Sewer Service paragraphs mentioned above. Mr. Gomolak stated that he felt that a little stronger wording on the limits of the Bonito Lake Reservoir should be made here so that people who would be just going through the Plan briefly got the point.

Then Mr. Gomolak reiterated his stand on the paragraph contained in the Historic Preservation stated above. There followed a discussion about how this statement was to be interpreted within the context of the Plan. Ms. Few stated that his interpretation and the text that he thought should be added to this section was noted.

Chairman Sanders thanked Mr. Gomolak for his work and suggested that he make himself available for the City Commission meeting on October. Mr. Gomolak agreed.

Chairman Sanders asked the Commissioners if they had any questions for Ms. Few or any comments about the Plan. Chairman Sanders asked if the Bike Route shown on the map on page 43 of the Plan suggested a Bike Lane be designated on the streets. Ms. Few explained that a Bike Route was not necessarily a striped lane. Commissioner Glahn asked if bicyclists would have to abide by the same traffic rules as cars. Ms. Few said that all vehicles would observe the same rules of the road.

Commissioner Martin asked about the process of updating the Plan. Ms. Few said that continual modification and change would be made on a scheduled bases like every five (5) years. Chairman Sanders asked who made the decisions regarding when and who would perform a review. Ms. Few stated that the actual changes could be made by an outside consultant or in-house. Ms. Few stated that in her opinion, doing the changes though an in-house process would be the best course of action. The five (5) year interval is a benchmark for action to be taken as a minimum. The review would have to begin at the four (4) year point to be accomplished by the fifth year. She said that if anyone inside or outside City government thought that any portion of the Plan needed revision they could bring it up for examination at that time. Commissioner Martin asked about the cost of developing the document. Ms. Few stated that she believed that it was under $10,000.00. She said that the consultant doing the Plan was already doing the Traffic Plan and that much of the data gathered for this latter plan was incorporated into the Plan. Ms. Few said that she’d find out the cost so that it could be available when the Plan was forwarded to the City Commission.

Chairman Sanders had another comment about the Historic Preservation section. Her concern was with buildings that may be put on the register and what the owner of the building would be allowed to do when he/she decided to renovate. Mr. Gomolak provided some insight into this issue. He stated that you can do all manner of maintenance inside it. The exterior façade is supposed to retain the character. This can be replaced in-kind with authentic materials or in-look with modern materials. Ms. Few further explained that the paragraphs in this section were deliberately nebulous to leave room for several courses of action to be taken in the future.

Commissioner Urey asked how an ordinance to create a historical district would affect homeowners in that area. Ms. Few confirmed that it would depend on how the ordinance was written as to the affect on the homeowners. Chairman Sanders said that the Plan was just giving a broad, general maybe this can be done some point in time.

Ms. Few explained further that the information provided for the Study mentioned in this section was available and that Alamogordo had a higher percentage of Victorian Clabbered homes than any other New Mexico community. She gave several examples of wording for an ordinance and stated that Staff has no plans to develop an ordinance at this time.

Mr. Gomolak came forward again to pass out another comment sheet. He summarized the comments by saying that the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) study provided to the City when the development of the Plan was started was not included in the Plan. He strongly suggested that the AICUZ be included as it presents flight operations and current noise contours and compatible use guidelines for land areas surrounding the Air Force Base. This is important as the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of Alamogordo extends into the AICUZ Study impact areas. Chairman Sanders assured Mr. Gomolak that the comment sheet would be forwarded to the City Commissioners for their review.

Commissioner Martin asked why, if Holloman representatives had originally asked this to be included as an appendix, was this not included. Ms. Few said that it was because it was outside the study area and there was no way to enforce it. Commissioner Martin then asked if some reference to it could be made. Ms. Few said that she’d look at it. Commissioner Martin made a motion to ACCEPT THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN 2000 WITH THE COMMENTS BOTH WRITTEN AND VERBALIZED TODAY AND TO TAKE THE SECOND INTRODUCTION REGARDING THE AICUZ STUDY AND PASS THAT TO THE CITY COMMISSION OR CITY STAFF AND HAVE THEM REVIEW THIS AND SEE IF THEY CAN FIND A WAY TO INCLUDE THIS IN THE APPENDIES OF THIS PLAN. Commissioner Glahn seconded the motion. All voted "AYE", passing the motion by a vote of 3-0-0.


A. City Planner.

(1) There are five (5) items for the November Agenda.

B. City Attorney – None.

C. Chairman – None.

D. Commissioners – None.


7. ADJOURNMENT - There being no further business to come before the Commission, Commissioner Martin made a motion "TO ADJOURN". Seconded by Commissioner Glahn. All voted "AYE", passing the motion by a vote of 3-0-0. The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:45 p.m.

Approved: November 6, 2002

/s/Ginna L. Sanders, Chairman


/s/Michael Potter, Recording Secretary