January 8, 2003 Minutes



JANUARY 8, 2003


Ms. Ginna L. Sanders, Chairman.

Ms. Paula J. Dardin, First Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Preciliano J. Martín, Co-Second Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Jack M. Glahn, Co-Second Vice-Chairman.

Mr. Mark S. Goga, Member.

Mr. Mark S. Urey, HAFB Ex-Officio Member.




Ms. Sharon L. Few, City Planner.

Mr. William S. Kirschner, City Attorney.

Mr. Michael Potter, Recording Secretary.


Mrs. Patsy Brown; Mr. Klad Zimmerle, P.L.S.; Mr. Rick McCracken; and other unidentified persons.

1. CALL TO ORDER. Chairman Sanders called the regularly scheduled January 8, 2003, meeting to order at approximately 1:30 p.m. Chairman Sanders noted that a total of two (2) items was to be considered. Recommendations to the City Commission are to be made by the Planning and Zoning Commission for approval or denial of the requests. The City Commission will consider these requests at its meeting of January 28th to render final decisions.

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA. Commissioner Glahn made a motion "TO APPROVE THE AGENDA, AS WRITTEN". Seconded by Commissioner Goga. All voted "AYE", passing the motion by a vote of 5-0-0.

3. MINUTES OF DECEMBER 4TH, 2002 REGULAR MEETING, AND JANUARY 5TH, 2003 INSPECTION TOUR. Commissioner Goga made a motion "TO APPROVE THE MINUTES, AS WRITTEN". Seconded by Commissioner Glahn. All voted "AYE", approving the motion by a vote of 5-0-0.


CASE: M-02-0302(A). PETITIONER: City of Alamogordo, applicant. REQUEST: Approval of Resolution 2003-01 to establish "Reasonable Notice of Meetings" for the Alamogordo Planning and Zoning Commission for the year 2003. RECOMMENDATION: Approve Resolution 2003-01.

Commissioner Goga asked in what instance would there be an Emergency Meeting. Ms. Few answered that the provision is put in just in case a situation within the City required immediate Commission action. She cited the case wherein the City Commissioners had to meet in Emergency Session when there was an e-coli outbreak.

There were no other questions and Commissioner Goga made a motion "TO APPROVE THE RESOLUTION". Seconded by Commissioner Dardin. All voted "AYE", approving the motion by a vote of 5-0-0.


CASE: S-02-0771(A). PETITIONER: William T. Tucker and Marjorie Tucker, owners, Edward D. Brown and Patsy R. Brown, Personal Representatives, by Klad Zimmerle, P.L.S., agent. REQUEST: Approval of the final plat of ALAMO BLOCKS, BLOCK 209, REPLAT B, for two (2) lots; with variances on the construction and installation of alleys, on the dedication of public land, from Section 22-01-140(b)(1) relating to drainage plans, and from Section 22-01-100(b)(1) relating to lot widths; with all utilities, paved streets and public access; located within the City of Alamogordo. TOTAL AREA: ±0.693 acre. LOCATION: 1610 and 1612 N. Florida Avenue. CURRENT LEGAL: Lot 3, Block 209, Alamo Blocks. CURRENT ZONE: District "A" (Single Family Dwelling). RECOMMENDATION: Approval of the final plat, with the requested variances (on alleys, on public land dedication, drainage report, and on lot width) with filing necessary documents and plat corrections.

Ms. Few briefed the Commissioners per the above. A variance is needed on the width of Lot 2B. The City regulations require a lot width of sixty (60) feet in order to maintain the required side yard setbacks between the width of Lot 2B is shown as being only forty-eight (48) feet in width. However, the size of the lot is almost double the minimum requirement for a single-family residential lot. A full deed transfer has completed making Mr. and Mrs. Brown legal owners of the property. Corrections to the plat concerning the ownership of the property have been taken care of.

Mr. Klad Zimmerle came forward to represent the item. Commissioner Martin asked if another house were built there would the new house have to conform to the ordinances. Ms. Few said that it would not have to conform to lot width.

Chairman Sanders asked about the lot designations. Mr. Zimmerle explained that calling them Lot 1B and 2B would make it easier to follow up through any legal process.

There were no further questions. Commissioner Dardin made a motion "TO APPROVE THE FINAL PLAT". Seconded by Commissioner Goga. All voted "AYE", approving the motion by a vote of 5-0-0.


A. City Planner.

(1) February Agenda. Ms. Few stated that there would be two (2) subdivisions on Ward.

(2) Annual Report (Action Required). Commissioner Martin made a motion "TO APPROVE THE ALAMOGORDO PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION ANNUAL REPORT WITH CORRECTIONS". Seconded by Commissioner Glahn. All voted "AYE", approving the motion by a vote of 5-0-0.

(3) Other. Ms. Few presented Commissioner Dardin with a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service on this her last meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Ms. Few then introduced Mr. Rick McCracken as a new member of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

B. Chairman. Chairman Sanders asked about ordinances relating to construction cleanup. Her question was motivated by calls concerning the debris left in the 800 block of North Scenic Drive. Mr. Kirschner said that he’d defer to Code Enforcement.. Ms. Few said that Code Enforcement was working with the contractor who had sustained an injury on the job and that she would have an answer at the next meeting.

C. Commissioners.

(1) Representative from HAFB. No report

(2) Representative to County Planning Commission. Nothing to report.

(3) General. No other reports.


8. ADJOURNMENT - There being no further business to come before the Commission, Commissioner Dardin made a motion "TO ADJOURN". Seconded by Commissioner Goga. All voted "AYE", passing the motion by a vote of 5-0-0. The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:50 p.m.


Approved: February 5, 2003

/s/ Jack M. Glahn, Acting Chairman


/s/ Michael Potter, Recording Secretary