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City of Alamogordo
City Planner, Marc South
1376 E. Ninth Street
Alamogordo, NM 88310-5938 




A. Property owner/agent advises the City Planner, in writing, of the exact location of property (subdivision name, lot and block number or full metes and bounds description, plus the street address), the type of action to be requested (i.e. administrative variance, special permit, etc.), the name of the contact person and their telephone number.

B. City staff will prepare an application packet specifically for the property along with a "Protest Area Map" (PAM) from the information provided, within thirty (30) working days of receiving the request.

C. Staff will advise the owner/agent by telephone that the application packet is ready to be picked up from the City Planner's office.

D. The owner/agent shall obtain the name and mailing address of each property owner of record within the protest area, as noted in the application packet, by checking the records at the office of the Otero County Treasurer/Assessor (Otero County Courthouse, 1000 N. New York Avenue, Room 109).

2. SUBMITTAL: The owner/agent must return all of the following materials, on the forms provided, to the City Planner's office:

A. Application Form and Property Data Sheet, completed and signed by all property owners.

B. Site Plan of the property, drawn to scale, showing the lot size (dimensions), all existing and proposed buildings and distances to the property lines. For business property, the plan should include the proposed off-street parking lay-out with locations and dimensions of stalls, aisles, curb cuts, and stalls for the handicapped.

C. Legible List containing each property owner of record within the protest area and the full mailing address on the form provided.

D. Fee (Payable to the CITY OF ALAMOGORDO):

Special Event Permit $150 (NON-REFUNDABLE).

Administrative Variance $150 (NON-REFUNDABLE).

NOTE: a. DO NOT fax, scan or copy original applications, use the form(s) provided.

b. Type or clearly print (DO NOT use pencil or blue ink).

c. Support materials LARGER THAN 8-1/2"X14" require ten (10) copies to be submitted. One (1) copy of each smaller item is required.

d. All materials become part of the public record.