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Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement Patch

Code Enforcement



Code Enforcement Officer

  2010 Oregon 
Alamogordo, NM 88310
Monday- Saturday
8:00am.- 5:00pm.
      Chief Mikel Ward       

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The Code Enforcement component provides those services most commonly associated with the enforcement of code violations relating to public health or welfare. 

The Department is committed to responding to complaints as well as developing a systematic method of identifying and addressing offences related to code violation.



Authority to regulate and prohibit use of streets and other public grounds for signs, posting of handbills and advertisements.

Code Classifications:3-01-010    Placing signs on poles, etc
                           3-01-015    Temporary signs
                           3-01-020    Signs, banners across streets
                           3-01-030    Destroying lawful posters
                           3-01-040    Marking on streets, sidewalks prohibited
                           3-01-050    Sound vehicles restricted
                           3-01-060    Stickers on Vehicles

All sidewalks shall be kept clean from rocks and other obstuctions, including ice and snow, and in state of good repair by the owner, occupants or agents in charge of the adjoining property. A sidewalk in good repair shall be free of cracks, floats, obstructions, depressions and any and all other defects and shall have a uniform longitudinal and transverse gradient.

Code Classifications: 8-07-040    Obstruction of sidewalks


Code Classifications: 11-06-155    Unauthorized graffiti on personal or real property
                             11-06-156    Elimination of graffiti         

Garbarge, Trash and Refuse

No person shall permit to accumulate upon premises owned, leased or occupied by him, any garbage, trash or refuse, except in covered watertight containers made of metal or plastic. All garbage placed in containers must be bagged.

Code Classifications: 14-01-020    Accumulation of garbage, refuse; removal
                            14-01-030    Garbage and refuse; precollection practices
                            14-01-040    Garbage and refuse containers
                            14-01-140    Generally - Outdoor automotive storage

(It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to store, or permit to be stored or placed, a dismantled, partially dismantled or inoperable motor vehicle or any parts of a motor vehicle unless such vehicle is in an enclosed building or on property which is enclosed with a fence or wall (must be 8ft) and such vehicle is not visible from adjoining or surrounding property or from the street or public ways.)
                            14-01-150    Outdoor storage 
(It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to store, or permit to be stored or placed any junk within the city limits unless such junk is not visible from adjoining or surrounding property or from the streets or public ways.)     

Businesses to be licensed

Code Classifications: 17-01A-050    License fees for certain businesses

Garage & Yard Sales

Garage and yard sales shall only be held between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM and shall not exceed three consecutive days' duration. No more than three sales shall be held at a given residence in any twelve-month period. No more than 2 garage or yard sales shall be conducted within 90 days at the same location.

Code Classifications: 17-06-040    Garage and yard sales

Vegetation/Tree Pest/Health & Sanitation

It shall be the duty of the owner of real property to remove from such property any tree, plant, shrub, or other obstruction which causes a traffic or pedestrian hazard or which overhangs any public thoroughfare. Any owner or occupant shall maintain all hedges and shrubbery adjacent to public sidewalks so that no part of said hedges or shrubbery shall extend over any part of a public sidewalk, street or alley in the city.

Code Classifications: 26-01-010    Trees to be trimmed                                    
                             26-01-020    Hedges and shrubbery                                    
                             26-01-030    Injury to trees or shrubbery                        
                             26-02-020    Bagworm nest; elm leaf beetles; declared to be a nuisance
                             26-02-030    Premises to be kept free  
                             26-02-040    Destruction of larvae       
                             26-02-050    Use of insecticides          
                             26-03-030    Unlawful growth or accumulation on lots
                             26-03-040    Unlawful growth or accumulation on tracts

(It is unlawful for any property owner within the city to permit any gowth of weeds to a greater height than six (6) inches on their property, the curbs and sidewalks as well as the area adjacent to and five (5) feet back of the curbs, sidewalks, streets and from all property lines.)


Water Conservation

Watering Day are as follows:

Odd numbered addresses may water on - Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
Even numbered addresses may water on - Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
Before 9 a.m. and After 6 p.m.

Code Classifications: 28-05-010    Watering restrictions