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Department Description

The Public Works Administrative Department is responsible for the management of eight divisions including Engineering, GIS, Public Works Inspectors, Streets, Drainage and Facility Maintenance.  The department additionally operates the Convenience Center and the Landfill as well as managing the service contract with Southwest Disposal for the collection of municipal solid waste within the corporate limts of the City.  The allocations of expenditures within this department are those directly related to the operations of the Transportation Fund.

Mission Statement

The Public Works Department mission is to support and enhance a high quality of life for the City's residents, businesses and visitors by providing well planned, environmentally sensitive, cost effective infrastructure and services to promote public health, personal safety, transportation, economic growth and civic vitality.  We are committed to the planning and implementation of the policies, goals, and objectives as established by the City Commission and City Manager.  It is our inherent duty to preserve and protect the City's major investment in its infrastructure so that we may realize the maximum possible benefit of its intended purpose.  This mission is accomplished through the prudent use of resources, technology, innovations, teamwork and coordination with other service providers in the City.