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Flood Control Phase 5 Utility Relocations

Scope of Work

The work will consist of installation of approximately 1450 feet of 8” PVC sewer line, 370 feet of 24” PVC sewer line, 225 feet of 12” PVC Effluent Line, manholes and grouting of existing sewer lines.  In addition, the project will install approximately 200 feet of 6” ductile iron pipe (DIP), 110 feet of 12” DIP, 70 feet of 20” DIP, 140 feet of 12” steel casing (SC), 52 feet of 20” SC, 52 feet of 28” SC, gate valves, butterfly valves and air relief/vacuum valves, all within the city limits of Alamogordo, New Mexico.  Incidental items include traffic control, implementation of a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), removal of structures and obstructions and the removal and replacement of existing sidewalk, curb & gutter, pavement, and landscaping.

Project Manager:  Nancy Beshaler

Primary Contractor:  K. R. Swerdfeger Construction, Inc.

Estimated Project Cost:  $591,203.08

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