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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Public Service Announcement

It’s that time of year again, and with the Monsoon season fast upon us, we need to be attentive to our surroundings. The conditions that cause floods include heavy or steady rain for several hours or several days that saturate the ground. Flash floods occur suddenly due to rapidly rising water along a stream or low lying areas. The following our things to do in case you are confronted with a flood hazard.
 Listen to your radio and television for flood warnings and reports of flooding in progress or other critical information from the National Weather Service.
 Be prepared to evacuate.
 When a flood or flash flood is issued for your area, head for higher ground and stay there.
 Stay away from floodwaters. If you come upon a flowing stream where water is above your ankles, stop, turn around and go the other way. Remember six inches of swiftly moving water can sweep you off your feet.
 If you come upon a flooded road while driving, turn around and go the other way. If you are caught on a flooded road and waters are rising rapidly around you, get out of your vehicle and move to higher ground. Most vehicles can be swept away by less than two feet of moving water.
 Keep children out of the water. They are curious and often lack good judgment about running water or contaminated water.
 Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood hazards.
 Make sure you have insurance that covers floods associated with storms, heavy rains and other conditions.
 Always have a contact list. Check on family members and neighbors.
 Keep a preparedness kit with the following: flashlight, first aid kit, extra batteries, multipurpose tool, emergency blankets, maps, extra car keys, house keys, rain gear and extra clothing.
 If you have a cell phone keep it close by.
 Have tools and supplies close by in case you have to secure your home.
 Always have a three day supply of water and food (non-perishables) for each family member.
 Keep a 7 day supply of medications and other medical items.
Sand bags are “now” available to the residents of Alamogordo at the following locations listed below. Remember if you need assistance loading sand bags, nock on the Fire Station door, and someone would be more than happy to help. Please
remember the NMDHSEM recommends sand bags not be stacked more than three bags high, and should only be used to protect openings and entrances to homes, businesses or critical infrastructures. If you have a special emergency need for assistance with sandbags, please call 575-439-4300, or 575-439-4298.
 Fire Station-1, 619 Texas Ave.
 Fire Station-2, 2100 Walker Rd.
 Fire Station-4, 3310 E. 10TH St.
 Fire Station-5, 1492 S. Florida Ave.
 Fire Station-6, 3100 N. Florida Ave.
 Fire Station-7, 2010 Oregon

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Starting Monday September 15, 2014, City of Alamogordo Utility Maintenance crews will begin the process of replacing a water service line that is currently leaking in the 300 block of N White Sands. The estimated time frame for the work to be completed will be two weeks (weather permitting). Please be advised, traffic patterns will be disrupted during the time City crews are replacing the leaking service line, re-paving, and replacing anything else that needs to be addressed. This will be a co-operation between Utility Maintenance and Utility Construction crews. Our goal is to complete these tasks as quickly and safely as possible. We are dedicated to work hard for the citizens of Alamogordo, and aim to do so here as well.

Wednesday, August 28, 2014

Utility Maintenance will be performing work tomorrow 8/28/14 that will result in two water outages. Both water outages will start at 8:00 a.m. and water will be back in service at 4:00 p.m. The first job site is @ the new Albertson's location, on 10th Street and Cuba Ave. A fire hydrant is being re-located by Renegade Corp.  The second job site will be @ the NMSBVH campus, located @ N. White Sands Blvd. and Indian Wells Rd. General Hydronics is installing new valves for the schools water system. Please be advised, these outages could affect the surrounding area(s).

Also, with the Labor Day holiday, Trash pick up will be affected. The schedule is as follows:
The holiday is Monday, Sept 1, no trash pick up.  
Monday's routes will be picked up on Tuesday, Sept 2. 
Tuesday's routes will be picked up on Wednesday Sept 3.  
All Thursday and Friday routes will remain the same.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don't forget! Tonight at 6PM at the Willie Estrada Civic Center - The City Commission will meet to discuss Flooding. The meeting is open to the Public and folks are encouraged to attend

Public Service Announcement
August 19, 2014 
The Alamogordo Police Department would like to warn residents of the latest phone scam. 
On August 19, 2014, an Alamogordo resident reported receiving a call from an individual identifying himself as a Special Agent with the FBI. The fictitious Special Agent advised the resident that he was the recipient of a large cash award from Publishers Clearing House. The resident was requested to send $950.00 under a fictitious name to an address in Mexico City, Mexico. When the resident told 
the fictitious Special Agent he was not interested due to believing this was a phone scam, the fictitious Special Agent informed the resident that to verify his story, a representative from the local police department would be contacting him. 
The resident then reported he was contacted by a subject identifying himself as a Police Officer at the Alamogordo Police Department. The person claiming to be an APD Police Officer then verified to the resident that the cash award from Publishers Clearing House was legitimate and he was to await a call from a Special Agent to verify sending the security money to Mexico City, Mexico. 
The Alamogordo resident also advised that the Alamogordo Police Department’s number was posted on his caller I.D. which would lead most people to believe this might be a legitimate call. This is referred to as “Spoofing” which leads recipients of a call to believe they are receiving a call from the police department when, in fact, they are not. The public should report this type of incident to the Alamogordo Police Department immediately. 


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