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Water Rights Application T-3825 update

The City of Alamogordo would like to announce that the Twelfth Judicial District Court issued a ruling on April 7, 2008 in regards to the City of Alamogordo Water Rights Applications T-3825 et al. The Court’s decision was to support the joint application of the City of Alamogordo and the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer. This ruling upholds the amended allocation request for 4,000 acre feet per year to be diverted for the purpose of supplying water to the City of Alamogordo water supply system through a proposed desalination plant, also known as the Alamogordo Regional Water Supply Project. The Office of the State Engineer had originally issued a permit in December 2004. That permit was met with protests and was appealed, bringing the matter before the Twelfth Judicial District Court. The ruling of April 7th means that the City will now be permitted to draw and divert up to 4,000 acre feet per year which equates to 1,303.6 million gallons per year. This will allow 5 million gallons a day of water on peak days as needed. City Management is pleased with this outcome, because the City may now proceed with further plans to develop the Alamogordo Regional Water Supply Project. The required Environmental Assessment process, or NEPA study as it has been called, is still on-going and is now in a Federal review stage. This NEPA study continues to have an impact on planning, as it will determine the project’s final location and outcome. We will keep citizens informed as soon as any further progress occurs.