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Alamogordo Receives National Recognition for Water Conservation

press release by Maureen K. Schmittle, Public Communications Manager

Alamogordo’s Mayor Don Carroll traveled to Washington D.C. to accept the U.S. Conference of Mayors Municipal Water Conservation Achievement Award, presented on January 27, 2006. Alamogordo was one of only two cities nationwide to receive this prestigious award for calendar year 2005. The Mayor was proud to accept the $5,000 award and the plaque that reads “The United Sates Conference of Mayors and the Urban Water Council hereby recognize the City of Alamogordo for outstanding achievements in water conservation.” The Mayor will present this award to the citizens publicly at the next regular Commission meeting on February 14, 2006 at 7:30p.m. “I accepted it on behalf of the City and the Citizens, because they’re the ones who made it happen by conserving water,” said Carroll. “Our conservation program is innovative in the respect that it covers such a broad area…not many communities use all of these methods.” The Mayor cited methods such as: our extensive reclaimed water system for irrigation, all reservoirs being lined and covered to prevent evaporation and leaking, two new water-saving fire hydrant and fire equipment testing systems implemented by the Fire Services Department of DPS, the meter replacement program, and the water rate system which encourages conservation.

The $5,000 award will go into a Water Conservation Fund to be used for furthering the conservation efforts of the community; for instance, a project similar to the low-flow toilet rebate program. The City Manager and Staff will research how this funding can best be utilized to aid in our successful water conservation program. An announcement will be forthcoming.

The application for award was submitted in September 2005. Applicants were directed to select a category for competition and Alamogordo applied in the Innovative Water Conservation category. In response to why we think our approach is unique or innovative, Grant Coordinator Maureen Schmittle wrote, “We feel our program is innovative because it uses a broad based systematic approach to conservation, which has achieved proven and remarkable results. Our program components, such as the covering/ lining of reservoirs and the new fire equipment testing methods, are one-of–a-kind and visionary. Our reclaimed water use is highly efficient, as we look for ways to recycle treated water for a second or third time to maximize use. Alamogordo’s conservation program involves all community sectors. We have not rested with our success; we continue to revamp the system each year as new methods of conservation become evident.”