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Innovative Conservation Measures

Alamogordo has some innovative approaches to conserving our water resource. We utilize an extensive reclaimed water irrigation system for watering all City green spaces, including parks, ballfields, the zoo, the golf course, and the cemetery.

 Golf course is irrigated with reclaimed water

The Department of Public Safety/ Fire Services Division implemented water saving measures by building a pump test facility and installing an in-ground tank to re-circulate fire truck testing water. A modified surplus tanker is used for hydrant flushing. Water captured by the tanker is re-used in our reclaimed water program. The Department contracted a consultant to conduct a computer analysis of hydrant flow capabilities throughout the City, which provided an accurate gallons-per-minute measurement of each hydrant’s capacity. These testing methods save tens of thousands of gallons per year, based upon previous years’ testing.

Fire truck utilizing reclaimed water for testing

The City also provides conservation education throughout the year to the general public and in our schools. We have conducted a "WaterWise Resource Action Program" pilot project at Sierra Elementary. Students were given kits with water saving devices, and information on how to save water. There were 55 total participants in the 2006-2007 school year. Children were pre- and post-tested about water conservation information. Scores/ subject knowledge improved from 64% to 99%. 85% of participants reported that they changed the way they use water. Projected annual savings based on the number of households participating estimated that 357,335 gallons of water per year would be saved!

All water reservoirs, potable and reclaimed, are lined and covered to prevent leakage and evaporation.

 reservoirs are lined and covered to conserve water