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Department Description

The function of this division is to administer the financial operations of the City of Alamogordo. This division provides for processing of payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cashiering, budgeting and accounting services for other City departments and the general public. The Finance Director is responsible for investing city funds, safeguarding City assets, establishing and maintaining accounting policies and internal controls, and maintaining budgetary controls. The Finance Director also directs and oversees Water Billing and Management Information System divisions.


Mission Statement

Provide professional support to City management for making fiscal and organizational decisions necessary to plan and implement the optimum use of City resources.

Name: Position: Phone Number:
LeeAnn Nichols               Finance Director 575.439.4215 x4217
Vacant Assistant Finance Director 575.439.4215 x4
Kathy Gilsdorf Budget Analyst 575.439.4215 x4167
Sue Ashe Finance & Accounting Project Analyst  575.439.4215 x4213
Andrea Baur-Mathews Administrative Assistant 575.439.4215 x4217
Steve Boyle Accounting Manager 575.439.4215 x4246
Stella Bracamonte Senior Accountant 575.439.4215 x4222
Nanette Gardner Accounting Technician 575.439.4215 x4254
Karen Wells Accounting Specialist 575.439.4215 x4201
Theresa Campbell Accounts Payable Specialist  575.439.4114
Malvina Brooks Accounts Payable Specialist 575.439.4113
Joe Jagodowski Lead Payroll Specialist 575.439.4215 x4228
Patricia Haverporth Payroll Specialist 575.439.4215 x4223