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City News (Archive)

PSA - Water Utilities Scam

On December 31, 2015, The Alamogordo Police Department was made aware of several scam attempts involving someone pretending to be a representative of the City of Alamogordo Water Utilities Department.

The caller is advising local residents they are behind on their water payment or need their water meters replaced. The caller has identified himself as Dave, but the caller could be using any fictitious name when he calls. The caller has advised residents to go to Wal-Mart and purchase a money card or the caller asks the resident to meet them at Wal-Mart with a payment to avoid a disconnection of their water services.

Alamogordo residents need to be reminded that the City of Alamogordo Water Utilities Department "does not" make phone calls when water bills are past due. The COA Water Utilities Department will only send out water bills via the US Mail Service. The caller has been using the phone number of 575-218-7222, which is disconnected on call back.

The Alamogordo Police Department wants to make all citizens aware that these criminals are continually trying different methods to fraudulently obtain funds from unsuspecting citizens.

The Alamogordo Police Department wants to warn the public of the latest scam and to report all incidents to the police department. We also want to remind citizens to never give out personal information to anyone over the phone or via the internet.


The City of Alamogordo Code Enforcement Division has added 43WEEDS (439-3337)Weeds to report issues of weed control within Alamogordo.  If your call is not immediately answered, please leave a contact name and number, your call is important to us.