Litter Eradication

Litter eradication projects involve the cleanup and prevention of litter at public spaces. There are two main subcategories of litter eradication:

  • Litter Cleanups
  • Litter Free Events

Litter Clean Up

Litter cleanups are the collection of existing trash at or along public spaces. This includes: parks, roads and other public spaces.

Litter Free Events

Litter free events are the prevention of litter at events. Complete the Request for Litter Free Event Services form If you would like to have Keep Alamogordo Beautiful help you prevent litter at your next event.

Complete the KAB Volunteer Sign Up form if your youth or civic group and would like to volunteer to assist with litter eradication projects or events. 

Request a litter cleanup kit.

Litter Cleanup Kit Request Button

Cleanup project report form.

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Adopt a spot program information.

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Find more information about littering impacts in the United States.