Code Enforcement

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The Code Enforcement component provides those services most commonly associated with the enforcement of code violations relating to public health or welfare.


The Department is committed to responding to complaints as well as developing a systematic method of identifying and addressing offenses related to a code violation.

Help protect our Quality of Life

The City of Alamogordo Code Enforcement Department works to resolve issues through fair and balanced enforcement of City ordinances related to environmental concerns, property maintenance standards, public nuisances and zoning, or land use violations. Help us to ensure an exceptional living environment by preventing, identifying, and reporting code violations. 

Common Code Violations

Abandonment of Dangerous Containers

  • Refrigerators, freezers, airtight containers 

Accumulation of Garbage

  • Garbage, refuse, and debris

Advertising and Signage

  • Signs on poles (on public property)
  • Temporary signs (political, events)
  • Banners across streets
  • Marking on streets and sidewalks

Dilapidated Houses

  • Abandoned, vacant, unsafe buildings
  • Send an email to start the Process of Abatement on a dilapidated building.

Outdoor Storage

  • Inoperable vehicles (on private property)
  • Appliances, fixtures, furniture

Vegetation/Tree Pests

  • Unlawful growth or accumulation on lot and tract (weeds)

Obstruction of Sidewalks

  • All sidewalks shall be kept clean from rocks and other obstructions, including ice and snow, by the owner, occupants or agents in charge of the abutting property.
  • All areas directly over sidewalks, to a height of eight (8) feet shall be maintained free of vegetation or other obstruction by the owners, occupants or agents in charge of the abutting property.
  • The area between the back of curb and the property line and all plantings therein shall be maintained by the owners, occupants or agents in charge of the abutting property.
  • No item which would obstruct pedestrians or effectively reduce the width of a sidewalk shall be placed in, on, over or under the sidewalk.

Call 575-439-3337 to report a concern.

Or send a form to report a concern. (Submit online)

Code Violations

  1. Advertising
  2. Sidewalks
  3. Graffiti
  4. Garbage & Refuse
  5. Businesses to Be Licensed
  6. Vegetation
  7. Water Conservation

Authority to regulate and prohibit use of streets and other public grounds for signs, posting of handbills and advertisements.

Code Classifications

  • 3-01-010 Placing signs on poles, etc.
  • 3-01-015 Temporary signs
  • 3-01-020 Signs, banners across streets
  • 3-01-030 Destroying lawful posters
  • 3-01-040 Marking on streets, sidewalks prohibited
  • 3-01-050 Sound vehicles restricted
  • 3-01-060 Stickers on Vehicles