CitepayUSA - Pay Your Citation(s)

If the "Penalty Assessment" box is marked at the bottom of your citation, you have 30 days to pay your fine from the date you received the citation. You may pay your citation(s) in advance of your Traffic Arraignment date by:

  • Paying your citation/court fines online at CitepayUSA by credit card or electronic check. You must have the case number or citation number for payment. (Additional fees may apply.)
  • Mailing payment along with the citation(s) to:
    Alamogordo Municipal Court
    1376 E Ninth Street
    Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
    (The court is not responsible for mail delays)
  • Placing payment in the Drop Off Box located in front of the North Entrance of the City Hall Building.
  • Paying in person at the Municipal Court office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are closed for lunch. Hours may vary.

Bench Warrant

Your payment must be received on or before your traffic arraignment date or additional charges will be filed, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest, an additional $100 warrant fee will be assessed and your license will be suspended.

Court Appearance

If the "Court Appearance" box is marked at the bottom of your citation, you must appear in the Municipal Court on or before the date given for arraignment. After your appearance in court, if found guilty, you will be required to make arrangements to pay your fines. If you cannot afford the fines and fees on a payable citation, you can request to perform community service hours.

Penalty Assessments

The following are penalty assessments that may be paid instead of appearing in court:

Speeding Violations - Speed Limits

Speed Fine
1 to 10 Miles over $85
11 to 15 Miles over $100
16 to 20 Miles over $130
21 to 25 Miles over $170
26 to 30 Miles over $270
31 to 35 Miles over $370
36 Miles or over $470

Speeding Violations - Construction Zones

Speed Fine
1 to 10 Miles over $106
11 to 15 Miles over $136
16 to 20 Miles over $196
21 to 25 Miles over $276
26 to 30 Miles over $476
31 Miles or over $515

Speeding Violations - School Zones

Speed Fine
1 to 10 Miles over $110
11-19 Miles over $125
20 to 30 Miles over $150

Traffic Offenses

Offense Fine
Basic Rule
Careless Driving
Child Restraints $95
Dimming of Lights $95
Display Current Registration $85
Drive on Right Side of Street $95
Driving on Divided Streets $95
Driving on Streets Laned for Traffic $95
Emerging from Alleyways/Driveways $95
Evidence Registration $85
Eye Protection or Windshields $85
Following Too Closely $95
Headlamps on Motor Vehicle $80
Limitations on Turning Around $95
Limits on Backing $95
Mufflers/Prevention of Noise $70
No Passing Zone (Include School Zone) $95
Obedience to No U-Turn Signs $95
Obedience to Signs - One Way Streets $95
Obedience to Traffic Control Devices $95
Open Container of Alcohol $145
Operator to Be Licensed $115
Parking Adjacent to Schools $75
Parking for Certain Purposes $75
Parking in Alleys $75
Parking Regulations $75
Pedestrians Right of Way $95
Permitting Unauthorized Person to Drive $95
Processions $95
Prohibited Activities While Driving $95
Required Position, Method of Turning $95
Residential Parking $70
Seatbelts Required $95
Stopping for School Buses $170
Stopping / Standing / Parking $75
Stopping/Standing/Parking $75
Tail Lamps Required $80
Turn / Stop Movements and Required Signals $95
Unattended Motor Vehicle $95
Unhitched Trailer $70
Unlawful Riding $95
Vehicle Approach / Entering Intersection $95
Vehicle Enter Stop / Yield Intersection $95
Vehicle to Be in Safe Condition $95
Vehicle Turning Left at Intersection $95
When Lighted Lamps Are Required $95
Windshield to Be Unobstructed $95