Water & Sewer Operations

Water TreatmentFresnal Middle Fork Ditch Diversion Division

The Water Treatment Division is responsible for all water treatment activities, oversight of water treatment projects, and water rights management. This division operates two surface water treatment facilities, three groundwater disinfection facilities, one brackish water reverse osmosis treatment facility, eleven groundwater wells, five booster pump stations, three raw water storage reservoirs, twelve ground storage tanks, and one elevated tank. The division works in cooperation with the Utility Maintenance Division to ensure a safe and reliable water supply to our customers. 

Utility Maintenance DivisionWater Break 1

The Utility Maintenance Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of the water pipelines that deliver drinking water from the water treatment plants to your taps. This division is also responsible for the sewage conveyance pipelines and reclaimed transmission pipelines that deliver water to the city's, schools, and cemetery green spaces. The system consists of pipes ranging in size from the large 30-inch transmission lines to small ¾-inch service lines.

The  Utility Maintenance Division constantly strives to ensure that clean, safe water is available for both consumption and fire protection needs. The distribution system is continually being upgraded and updated. Each year, sections of pipe that have been identified, for a variety of reasons, as needing replacement are either replaced by Utility Maintenance personnel or outside contractors.

Water PipelineUtility Construction Division

The Utility Construction Division is responsible for the restoration of city streets, curbs and gutter, and sidewalks that were damaged as a result of a water or sewer utility failure. This division is broken into two crews, a concrete crew which is responsible for the demolition, cleanup, form installation, concrete replacement, and finishing of damages sidewalks, curb, and gutter, and an asphalt crew who are responsible for saw cut, asphalt preparation, installation of damaged asphalt and barricade removal. The division also assists Utility Maintenance with pipeline replacement projects with the installation of ADA ramps, demolition projects, and flood debris cleanup. 

Wastewater Reclamation DivisionScrew Pumps

The Wastewater Reclamation Division is responsible for the operation of the five lift stations, six reclaimed pumping stations, five reclaimed ground storage reservoirs, and the wastewater reclamation plant and related facilities. Responsibilities also include the collection of all water that has been used for residential and commercial purposes which then goes down the drain entering the city's wastewater collection system.

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