My Yard Project

My Yard Project vision is to find yards in the Alamogordo area that are in great condition, take pictures of the yards, and then bring the pictures to the Commission to select the ’winning’ yards.  The idea is to find one yard in each commission district at least once a quarter.  To everyone’s delight, there are TONS of incredibly beautiful yards in Alamogordo!

This project was suggested to the City of Alamogordo to recognize people who work diligently to make their yards look good. Ever since then, some residents have been awarded certificates along with the yard signs that distinguishes them as the winners of their District. The City of Alamogordo hopes that this will motivate the residents to "Keep Alamogordo Beautiful" and encourage our community to be the next winner.

We want to encourage everybody to be a part of My Yard Project. We are convinced that there are a lot of beautiful yards out there, and we want to be able to recognize them. If you would like to nominate any of your neighbors, please click on the form below and fill in the information.

Yard Sign