Virtual Activity Center

Welcome to the Alamogordo Family Recreation Center’s Virtual Activity & Resource Center! This is a great place to find educational and fun things to do during your time stuck at home! We will provide various resources to promote wellness, learning, and entertainment for our youth and families. Follow the City of Alamogordo on Facebook for updates and new ideas.

Virtual Activity Center

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Connect with Games & Movement

We know it’s difficult to get your brain and body moving in these cooped up times. This section should help alleviate any mental or physical blues!

Looking for something to get you moving while we enjoy the spooky season?

Try this activity! Halloween Spiderweb Walking Game

Ideas handpicked by staff:

Staff suggested game: 

Crab Soccer
What You Need: A ball, such as a soccer ball or other light-weight ball, open space such as a backyard, cones or other markers.
What You Do:

  1. Divide the players into two equal teams.
  2. Ask players to take their positions for the kickoff. Players should sit on the ground with their hands and feet flat on the ground. Move by pushing off the ground and scurrying about, face-up, on all fours.
  3. For the kickoff, drop the ball between two players, one from each team. Players then "crab crawl" back and forth trying to kick the ball into the goal. When a goal is scored, return the ball to the center of the playing area and begin play again. Encourage the play to play for a previously agreed upon a time: 15 minutes or so works well.
  4. The team with the most points wins!

Stimulate your mind:

Here are a few free resources to help stimulate your mind while at home.  Try out a few of these games and let us know what you think of them.  Acquired from Wizards of the Coast at as a free resource for anyone needing a game to play while staying home. 

Connect with Nature

The days are cooling off and the trees are shifting colors – Autumn is here! Embrace the world around you with these fun nature-themed activities!

Links to other ways to connect with nature

Family Nature Stroll, Leaf Rub, and Game 

 This 3-part activity is sure to keep you on your toes and on the lookout for fun shaped nature pieces you will love to incorporate into this family activity. Your family will:

1. Scavenge leaves from your backyard and neighborhood.
2. Replicate nature’s art on paper using the Leaf Rubbing technique (instructions below).
3. Play a memory game with your new creations!

 Supplies needed:

  • 4 matching pairs of leaves* (8 total) *foraged from yard, neighborhood, or your favorite outdoor spot.
  • 8 sheets of paper, large enough to fit your leaf
  • Crayons, pencils, and/or colored pencils
  • Optional: tape, a cup/bag/box to place your leaves

What to do: 

1. Scavenge – Head outside: 

It is plenty warm these days – plan to collect your leaves as a family either before or after the day’s peak heat hours. Extra precautions: take water, use sunscreen, and be aware of your surroundings - no trespassing!

On your search, you want to collect at least 4 pairs (8 pieces) of leaves/leaflike findings: e.g. 2 blades of grass, 2 petal-like leaves, 2 maple leaves, 2 round leaves, etc. Pieces do not have to be identical but should remain similar in shape and size. 

2. Replicate – Leaf Rubbing:

Once you have your leaves, you can now recreate their beauty using Leaf Rubbing! Place 1 leaf under 1 piece of paper, flattening out the leaf as needed.

  • Rub a crayon or pencil (like coloring) over the paper. As you color over the leaf, you will begin to see it take shape on the sheet! Dryer, brittle leaves may require a lighter hand.
  • If your leaf moves around too much, secure it with a small piece of tape (keep in mind, the tape may also rub through onto the paper). 
  • Repeat this process with each single leaf on it’s own sheet of paper.  

3. Play- Memory Game:

Remember those pairs? Time to test your memory skills!

  • Turn all your rubbed leaf papers over, facing down on a flat surface.
  • Have a family member help you carefully “shuffle” them around at random.
  • Rubbed leaves still facing down, take turns with family members turning over one paper and then one more to find the match.
  • Matched leaves stay faced up until all matches are found.
  • You can make the game more challenging by adding more rubbed leaf creations to your collection periodically!


Activity by Lilia Beltran, AFRC 2020. Inspiration from

Leaf 1
leaf 2
leaf 3

Connect with Artistic Expression

When we can’t find the words – – art it out! Get creative and be heard!

Highlighted Activity

     We’d like to share with you Spider-Web-Art-Project-for-Kids Opens in new windowWatercolor Resist Spider Web Art Project

Connect with the Senses

These demanding times call for getting in touch with our human roots through sight, sound, taste, smell, and feel!






Connect with Community

Check out what local organizations are doing these days!

Family Virtual Field Trip

You don’t need to leave your house to take a quick family trip around the world. Here are a few fun places to check out with the family from the comfort of your home!

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