Return to Field Program

Community cats are free-roaming, stray, or feral cats who live outdoors in your neighborhood.  

Alamogordo Animal Control has partnered with Kitty City NM and Best Friends Animal Society to humanely spay-neuter, vaccinate, and ear-tip community cats. (Ear-tipping is the universal symbol of a spay-neuter of an outdoor cat)

Once the cat recovers, it is returned to the area where the cat was originally found. These types of programs have been shown to decrease colony size through attrition and can reduce the shelter intake of areas of high cat density.

Benefits of Spay-NeuterFeral Cat

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Save taxpayer money by keeping cats out of animal shelters
  • Decreases killing of cats in over-crowded animal shelters
  • Improves the health of outdoor cats
  • Minimizes cat behaviors like spraying, fighting, howling, and roaming

Please contact Alamogordo Animal Control at 575-439-4330 or Kitty City NM at 575-430-1914 for further information or to tell us about free-roaming cats in your neighborhood who need to be spay-neutered.

Learn more about the benefits of Return to Field (RTF) or Trap Neuter Return (TNR).

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