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Graffiti Waiver 2018

  1. (ie.: white wooden fence, concrete, brown stucco, brick, etc?)

  2. Is the Graffiti on a street sign?*

  3. I, as owner or person in charge of the Property, authorize the City and/or Contractor hired by the city to enter the property and remove or completely obliterate the unauthorized (graffiti) markings. I understand that any paint used in the process will be similar in color to that of the structure involved and that an exact match may not be possible. The owner and/or resident will not be charged for this service. The City will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of the Power Washer AKA Graffiti Buster Machine.

  4. Please type your First and Last Name

  5. Work Completion Information by the City of Alamogordo

  6. Completed By: _____________________________________

  7. Completion Date: ________

  8. _____________________

    Manpower Hours/Minutes

  9. $____________________

    Manpower Cost

  10. _______________________________

    Method of Removal (Graffiti machine, wash, sandblast, hand paint, etc.)

  11. _____________________

    Materials Used

  12. $____________________

    Materials Cost

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