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Home Occupation Application

  1. The Home Occupation Application cannot be submitted online. It can be filled out online, but must be printed and submitted in person.

  2. Application for Zoning Approval for a Home Occupation

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  4. The City of Alamogordo allows residents to use their homes for “home occupations” that comply with the regulations of Municipal Code Chapter 29, Zoning. The home occupation regulations for residentially zoned property are located at §29-03-010 (m) of the Zoning Chapter. Please, complete the information below so we may determine whether your requested home occupation complies with the zoning requirements.

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  8. How would you describe your residence?

  9. (If your residence is not an owner occupied, detached single-family house, verify that you are permitted to have a home occupation with your townhouse or condo association or your landlord. This is not a City matter.)

  10. The City’s zoning requirements for home occupations are listed in the following fields. Please, check the box, True or False, to signify that your home occupation will be operated in compliance with the individual requirement.

    My home occupation complies with the requirements below:

  11. The home occupation is carried on by a member of the family living on the subject property and has no employee at any time on the subject property who does not live on the subject property.

  12. The home occupation does not have any signage on the subject property other than one non-illuminated sign attached to the building entrance which has a maximum size of one square foot.

  13. No commodity will be sold on the subject property as part of a home occupation unless the commodity is prepared on the subject property.

  14. The home occupation does not use any equipment on the subject property other than equipment that one would typically find in a residence.

  15. The home occupation does not use any accessory building on the property, but is wholly contained within the principal residence.

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