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2020 Zoo Boo Vendor Application

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  2. October 31, 2020

    10 am to 1 pm

    Alameda Park Zoo

  3. Booth Presence:

    Please provide enough candy for 4,000 community children. 150-200 lbs. is the recommended amount! (Fifteen to Twenty 10 lb. bags) You may pass out any flyers or business cards as well, however you may not conduct any on-site sales or raffles.

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     Deadline to submit your vendor application is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 23, 2020.

     For more information call: (575) 439-4159. Please reference the event when calling.

     Spaces are determined by a first come first served basis. Spaces are assigned by the Special Events Manager although requests will be considered. Space assignment is subject to change upon arrival due to unforeseen circumstances.

     All event information will be sent via email…so please include an email address!! Applicants without emails will not be accepted!

     Vendors are not allowed to leave the event early. Vendors will be allowed to pack up 30 minutes before the event ends. On emergency or bad driving weather situations, please contact one of the event personnel and inquire about event departure. Area must be cleaned and left in similar condition upon departure.

     The maximum load level per plug is 1800 watts. Example: A snow cone machine is approximately 1500 watts. Electrical outlets are limited and will be given on a first-come basis.

     Specify space requirements. Organization/group must supply own tents, tables, seating, power cords, and equipment. Power cords are required to have contractor grade insulation/protection and have the required grounding prong.

     Vendors are not allowed to walk around the park selling raffle tickets, balloons, food, products, etc. All vendors must remain in the immediate vicinity of their booth.

     The Community Services Department has the right to deny any application that we feel does not meet the guidelines set forth to participate in this event. Anyone falsifying his or her application will be asked to leave the park, with no refund.

     Set–up for vendor spaces Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. or Saturday morning from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (It is highly recommended that you set-up on Friday)

     Vendors are not allowed to sell or distribute weapons of any kind at this event. Alamogordo Police Department will determine if items, in question, are considered a weapon or a device that can potentially cause harm.

     For more information, please call the Josh Sides, Special Events Manager at (575)439-4279

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