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Zoo Volunteer and Docent Application


  1. 1. Alameda Park Zoo Volunteer Application
  2. 2. Volunteer Policy
  3. 3. Waiver of Liability
  • Alameda Park Zoo Volunteer Application

    1. Docent and Volunteer Application
    2. When are you available to volunteer?
    3. Can you volunteer 2 hrs a week?
    4. Are you over 18? *

      (volunteer must be over 18)

    5. What qualifications, skills, or experience do you have that you would like to use as a volunteer? Check all that apply.*
    6. What general area are you interested in volunteering? Check all that apply. *
    7. How did you hear about volunteering at the Alameda Park Zoo? *
    8. Background Investigation

      *Every volunteer must undergo a background investigation. This is free and can be done at the police station located at 700 Virginia, Alamogordo, NM 88310.