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Find information about water utility billing and customer service.

Pay Your Bill Online

Use this page to pay online utility bills.

*The City of Alamogordo does not have an affiliation with DOXO for online payment processing.

Setting Up Auto Pay On-Line:

The City of Alamogordo bills monthly for your utility account. We use cycle billing and, depending on your address and cycle, your billing date will vary from month to month by 3-6 days. This is done so we may avoid bills being generated or becoming due on weekends and/or city observed holidays.

If you wish to set your utility account to auto-pay (debit/credit card) through our on-line vendor we recommend the following best practices to avoid missed payments and late or delinquency fees.

DO NOT use your bill date as the pay date – since your bill is not generated on the same day every month it is possible that there will not be an amount due and payable on the same day of the month as your previous bills.

DO SET your pay date +/- 5 days from your due date – your bill is due 15 days after the bill date and does not incur a late fee until 25 days after the bill date.

DO monitor your account on-line – once registered for auto-pay you may monitor your account at any time for new bills or payments.

If you have questions please contact Customer Service at 575-439-4260.

Local Services from Outside Companies

The City of Alamogordo Government does not offer Gas and Electricity. PNM is the electricity provider for Alamogordo residences. New Mexico Gas Company is the natural gas provider.

PNM (Electricity)


NM Gas