Zoo Rules & FAQs

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Rules for zoo visitors

  • Visitors must remain on pathways. Any fencing, rails, rocks and other barriers are there to protect both you and the animals from harm. Do not lift children over safety rails or rest them on railings. Do not play on rocks. Do not put fingers or arms through fences. Do not enter nonpublic areas.
  • Adults must remain with their children at all times. 
  • No smoking. For the health and safety of visitors, staff and animals, the zoo prohibits smoking of any type. This includes vaping and e-cigarettes.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Alameda Park Zoo. The zoo is considered a quarantine facility in order to protect the health of the zoo animals.
  • Certified service animals, permitted under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA,) are allowed in the zoo. Emotional support and companion animals are not service animals and may not enter the facility. Please do not leave your pet in your vehicle. 
  • Do not feed the animals. Our animals are on special diets and food outside those diets can harm the animals. Coin operated duck food dispensers are available at the duck pond. Only the ducks at our duck pond can be fed by visitors. ($.25 quarters only.)
  • Please show respect for the zoo’s inhabitants by refraining from banging on windows and throwing objects (including food) into exhibits. Do not harass, chase, or tease the animals.
  • Balls, frisbees, jump ropes, or any throwing/kicking toys are to be kept out of animal areas. 
  • The plants and vegetation throughout the zoo is there for everyone to enjoy. Please refrain from damaging our plants by pulling off leaves, flowers, and branches.  
  • Drones are not allowed on zoo grounds at any time.
  • Selfie sticks are allowed, but guests may not cross any barriers.
  • Refrain from rude or insolent behavior and from using profane language.
  • Guns and other weapons of any kind are not allowed in the zoo. 
  • Violation of any of the rules may result in your immediate removal from the zoo. 
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