Business Registrations, Licenses, & Permits

Business Registrations


Businesses must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Department and the Alamogordo Fire Department before Business Registration can proceed with the City Clerk's Office. To obtain the prerequisite form, please see the Planning and Zoning page or visit them in City Hall.

Registration (once Prerequisites are met)

Business Registration Information (PDF)

Business Registration Application (PDF)

Amendment (after Registration is active)

Business Registration Amendment (PDF)

Business Registration Renewals

New for 2023

October 6, 2023 Update: The extension of the renewal will be until February 28, 2024; however, we anticipate the new system will be in place by then.  Thank you again for your continued patience while the City of Alamogordo goes through the conversion of the new business registration system.

The City of Alamogordo is in the process of converting to a new business registration program and will take a few months to complete the process. Therefore, the $35 business registration fee due by January 31, 2023, will be waived, and your business registration will be automatically extended. However, a new business registration certificate will not be issued. If the State requires you to have a business registration certificate, we can issue a temporary certificate upon request. 

Per our ordinance amendment of Chapter 17, all business registration renewals will no longer have a due date of January 31st of each year, the renewal dates will be staggered. Therefore, once the program conversion is in operation, you will receive a notification of how to access the new system. Please assist us in getting this notification to you by emailing us, calling us, or stopping by with your current email address and including your business name and business location.

Business Registration Renewal Letter 10-6-2023


Food Vendor License Application (PDF)

The Food Vendor License Application cannot be turned in until you pass inspection by the Alamogordo Fire Department. You may also need paperwork from the New Mexico Environment Department.


The City Clerk's Office issues two different permits that can be submitted online. There is no charge for these permits.

Special Events Permit (Submit Online)

Request a Street Closure Permit (Submit Online)

Parade permits are now handled by the Alamogordo Police Department. There is no charge to apply for a parade permit. 

New Business Listings

New business listings are updated on the first business day of the month.

October 2023 (PDF)

November 2023 (PDF)