Flood Elevation Request Procedures

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for FEMA coordination within the City of Alamogordo. The FEMA Coordinator will review requests and determine the flood elevation. There is a 3 business day turnaround time for all FEMA requests received by the Planning and Zoning Department. 

The Flood Map Information Request Form (PDF) has been updated. Please follow instructions completely when requesting Flood Map Information.

FEMA requests may be made in several ways:

In-Person Requests

All requests for flood map information must eventually be in writing on the Flood Map Information Request Form (PDF). Applicants applying in person will use the form for Flood Map Information which is also available at the Planning and Zoning Department counter. The form will not be accepted until all required information is provided.

Faxed Requests

Faxed requests may be made using the Flood Map Information Request Form (PDF) and sending them:
Attention: Planning and Zoning Department - FEMA Coordinator at 575-439-4343. 

If a faxed request does not have all of the proper information, the Planning and Zoning Administrative Assistant will either fax the request back with further instructions or call the applicant directly. Flood information will not be faxed to the applicant since part of the information is in a bound pamphlet.

Mailed Requests

The Flood Map Information Request Form (PDF) may also be completed and submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department via US Mail. 

City of Alamogordo Attn: FEMA Coordinator
Planning and Zoning Department
1376 E Ninth Street
Alamogordo, NM 88310

or via the Planning and Zoning Department email.

Online Requests

Complete the online form for Flood Elevation Requests. Please complete all the required information. Turnaround time is expected to be at least three business days. Please call the Planning and Zoning department with any additional questions 575-439-4220.

Additional Information

Note: Requests involving proposed structures must contain a site plan that shows the structure and the distances from the property lines to the structure (setbacks).

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