Long Term Infrastructure Planning

The City of Alamogordo's efforts to improve planning and implementation of infrastructure projects continues. 

A Street Assessment is underway which will help the City prioritize streets for maintenance and improvement. The data will help the City create a 20-year pavement and rehabilitation program. 

You may have seen the digital imaging data collection vehicle, owned and operated by Wood, drivingA white van with digital image collection equipment on the front and back. around town in July of 2022. The specialized vehicle was used to collect detailed information of roadway pavements and to obtain permanent digital images of pavement conditions. Along with simultaneously collected GPS, the digital images will be referenced and linked to the pavement network features. The specialized digital imaging data collection vehicle used is equipped with the following components:

  • A downward-facing line scan camera collecting continuous 1-mm resolution pavement images
  • A forward-facing camera collecting right-of-way images at 20-foot intervals
  • Five high-frequency spot lasers for collection of roadway profile/smoothness and rutting data.

Once the conditions are evaluated, the software will be used to forecast pavement deterioration, develop work plans, and report pavement conditions. 

The Street Assessment project will be enhanced by a Sewer Assessment, Water Master Plan, and Drainage Master Plan so that future projects will be programmed with the appropriate information evaluated. Updated Technical Standards, updates to many of the city's ordinances, and collaboration between the Public Works and Utilities departments, will result in a comprehensive effort and an exciting step towards progress for our city. 

Read the long-term infrastructure planning PSA (PDF) for more detailed information about this project. 

Technical Standards

The City of Alamogordo updated Technical Standards (PDF) were adopted by the Commission on June 14, 2022.